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Employee development

The training development system of Bolande's hierarchical classification enables new employees to start full-scale, matrix-based training from the time they join the job. The training will accompany their employees in Boland's career development along the way, in different careers. In the development stage, there are corresponding training programs as support for employee growth, changes in the development channels of employees, and training content will be adjusted accordingly.

1, tutor system

Bolant special tutor system refers to the senior staff with experience or ability to coach employees, correctly understand the value of work, inherit corporate culture concepts, share work experience, improve work skills, guide relationship management, plan career development, and help employees to better A mechanism for rapid growth and progress.

2, professional external training combined with internal training, will be trained on behalf of the training

Bolant will select a group of outstanding employees each year to go to professional training institutions for management and professional improvement. At the same time, we pay attention to internal training, and we will train the content. The task is the training content. The difficulty of the work is the training topic. The work standard is the training material. The work scene is the training class. “It will be a training session.” It is a training session. An effective way.

Employee Growth

1, rotation system

The rotation system is a kind of training and learning behavior that aims to improve the comprehensive knowledge and skills of the professional or management, and has a targeted, planned and evaluated organization.

2, skill assessment, qualification certification

The fundamental goal of skill assessment and qualification certification is to reduce the organization's strategy and reduce the organization's dependence on individuals through the establishment of talent standards and the promotion of organizational capabilities. By creating fair employee development opportunities, creating a fair internal talent competition environment, enhancing the vitality of organizations and employees, and motivating employees to learn and develop spontaneously.

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